age 4

5-Day Pre-Kindergarten
(eligible children must turn 4 by December 31 of school year)

All pre-kindergarten programs run from 8:40am to 11:40am on their specific days

To the untrained eye, the difference between preschool and prekindergarten may seem negligible.

However, as a parent, you’ll be well aware of the significant steps in growth and development that happen right before your eyes in real time and in living colour.

And in those moments, we might sometimes find ourselves wishing that our children would stop growing up so quickly!

We deeply understand the balance between preparing our children for the academic and social experiences of elementary school while also preserving and fostering the curiosity, whimsy and joy of early childhood. And our prekindergarten program really is that sweetspot where kids get the best of both worlds. Like that perfect brunch!

Of course, ensuring that children are ready for the learning opportunities in kindergarten is important. So, our students begin to build on foundations of “A-B-Cs” and “1-2-3s” as they work with letters, words and basic printing as well exploring numbers through the rudiments of arithmetic. This happens not just with pencils and paper, but through active, hands-on experiences that engage the 5-senses as they connect their learning to their world in tangible ways. You will receive digital updates documenting your child’s growth, progress and learning around some important developmental milestones including speaking, counting and patterning as well as reasoning and problem solving and more complex coordination and fine motor skills. It is an exciting time for children, families and teachers!

In prekindergarten, children also enjoy professional music instruction, yoga and meditation in addition to painting, dance and drawing.

As well, greater opportunities to move in and around our school means more opportunities for adventure! These opportunities include regular trips to the gym, library, and music room in addition to Chapel experiences with our K-9 school community, and walking field-trips around our campus and neighborhood. These explorations help children learn how to move safely and respectfully around the school and in the community. And exploring is all kinds of fun!

Throughout, we know how critical play is for any child’s learning. So, at Willowstone, play is not an “add-on” or an “extra,” but it is intricately woven through the structure of each day. And play really is hard work for children, even in the midst of the fun, excitement and wonder of new experiences and explorations of their world. It is, after all, foundational to healthy cognitive, social and emotional development, and Willowstone Academy is a place where all children can grow, explore and flourish.

Considering Willowstone Academy?

From your initial inquiry and tour, through the registration process, it is a joy for us to help you and your family navigate, answer questions, and unpack this next stage in your journey at Willowstone Academy!